Air strikes In Eastern Ghouta: ‘Hell On Earth’ In Eastern Ghouta Must Stop: UN Chief


Syria: Ongoing attacks by Syrian government forces and their allies has created “ Hell On Earth” for civilians stuck in a rebel-held Damascus suburb, the UN’s chief said on Monday, as air strikes and ground operations continued despite a days-old ceasefire.

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Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, meanwhile, ordered a “humanitarian pause” from 9am-2pm local time on Tuesday to allow civilians to evacuate Eastern Ghouta.

Do You Remember This Child?

The picture will be in the mind, it will also be shared on social media. This is Alan Kurdi. At the age of 3, it was a painful death, which we cannot think. His mistake was? Just that he was born in Syria and his father was taking him to a safe place in search of a good life.

We are talking about Syria. The conflict has been going on in Syria for the past seven years. I have spent the last 7 years and you have spent time with relax, Education and job life But the Syrian refugees have been scared in the every moment. The powerful developed countries have declared the problem to Syria and have also claimed the goodness of that country. But the question is how well? Children who have not yet started their lives properly, by killing them?

Is This Child In The Mind?

5-year-old Omran Daqneesh was freed from the rubble after bombing Syria’s Aleppo. You know every night when we arrange an alarm and set out to rise in the morning, there is also a country whose people think that they will get to live the next moment of life or not.

When we return home from the office, sit down on the sofa and watch the spices on the TV with the tea and snacks, then people in that country sobs for not giving their children an easy life.

United Nation

The UN is also providing relief to the people there, but it is hardly to give the relief and there is very little work done on Syria.

Ghouta is in Syria. Before Ghouta is a common city to like other but now has become a hell. Russia’s missiles, fighter planes are constantly bombarded here. See Russia’s bravely, according to ‘s report, Russia has decided to take steps to give a 5-hour concession in the bombing.

Syrian Government Has Bombed

Outside Countries So outside Countries, The government of its own here has also become the death for its own citizens. For 5 days the Syrian government has bombed the Ghouta area. The bombing ended on Thursday and in these 5 days 500 people were killed in this area, including 150 children.

No Place For Burying

According to a report of Daily Mail, there is no place for burying dead bodies in Ghouta. Even after death, such a condition with someone, can you imagine such a condition? A lot of parents are wandering about their children’s bodies wrapped in sheets and roaming rates for 2 yards of land.

Are the country so powerful that the blood of innocent children is not noticed by the rulers of this world? The ruling party is also the chairmanship of the chair, but what has happened to the common people that we do not see anyone’s pain. We have become so busy in earning money, making the building that we do not even see that what happening in Syria.

We are too helpless to do anything for those innocent. Some can donate in online campaigns, but they will also reach the needy or do not know


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