America Will Make Mini Atomic Bombs


Trump Said To Be Pushing For ‘Mini Nukes’ To Make Nuclear

Nuclear: Trump Administration has announced a new policy to modernize its nuclear weapons and will develop new Mini Atomic Bombs and increase the country’s resistance. President Donald Trump said that this strategy has been tailored to face various threats coming out in the 21st century. After the release of the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) in the Pentagon, Trump said that its mission is to modernize our nuclear command, control, communication, and all three components of our army, double capacity aircraft and nuclear infrastructure.

He said that the strategy of developing capabilities is to minimize the capabilities of using nuclear weapons. Apart from this, it will also increase the capability to stop strategic strikes against America, its affiliates and partners. Trump said it is important that it reiterates our commitment to weapon control and nuclear non-proliferation. At the same time, it maintains a ban on nuclear tests and is committed to improving efforts to stop, detect, and respond to nuclear terrorism.

Defense Minister Jim Mattis has said that maintaining an effective nuclear resistance is less expensive than fighting a war. Mattis said that we are committed to keeping our nuclear capabilities effective, while the US armed control is not behind the non-proliferation and nuclear security issues. He said that our commitment to achieving the goal of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) is still strong.

Mattis said that Russia and China are fully developing new nuclear capabilities for national security. Together, the transitional army is also being modernized, which is a challenge for America’s traditional military superiority. Mattis said that Russia is modernizing these weapons as well as other systems. American Defense Minister said that the most disturbing thing is that the Russian army is accepting strategies and capabilities, which are for nuclear expansion but trusts.

He said that along with these developments, Russia has been threatening to capture Crimea and threaten to strike a nuclear attack on our colleagues that Moscow wishes to return to the competition of superpower. The report also mentions North Korea and Iran. There is no mention of Pakistan in this report, while a senior US official had earlier expressed concern about the security of nuclear weapons in Pakistan.


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