BHU Violence


In The Report of The Commissioner, The University Administration Is Responsible

The parliamentary constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is sitting in Varanasi, is holding a case of lathicharge on Saturday night at the students of Banaras Hindu University. On Tuesday, the commissioner submitted his report to the government, in which he blamed the university administration. Other opposition parties including Congress have demanded immediate removal of the Vice Chancellor. Varanasi Commissioner Nitin Gokarn submitted his report to Chief Secretary Rajiv Kumar. In the report, he blamed the administration of the university. Meanwhile, the BHU administration has decided to conduct a judicial inquiry into the entire matter. 

According to a senior official involved in the ‘University administration did not resolve the matter during the time,’ Gokarn has sent his report to the chief secretary. It has been said in the report that the BHU administration did not carefully consider the victim’s complaint and it was not resolved during the time. It has also been said in the report that if this case had been settled in time, then there would not have been such a big controversy.

Vice Chancellor Kept His Side

The meantime, Vice Chancellor Girish Chandra Tripathi said in his defense that the action was taken on those people who were setting fire to the university’s property. In a conversation with a news channel, he said that the lathi-charge on girl students and the security of the premises did not ensure adequate security arrangements, that the ‘external elements’ spoiled the atmosphere of the campus to influence the Prime Minister’s visit. He said that some people were throwing petrol bombs in the campus, they were stoning. No action was taken on any student. There is no evidence of action.
The Vice-Chancellor said, “On the night of September 23, at around 8.30 am, when I was going to the Triveni hostel, At that time the elements stopped me and started arson and stone.” The Vice Chancellor said that he met twice with the victim and his friends. The girl students had told them that the movement of the protest is being carried out by dangerous people of unknown species. They had kept the victim hostage while holding hostage at the site of the protest. The police used force only to get such elements out of campus.

BHU Administration Ordered The Judicial Inquiry Of The Incident

Meanwhile, the BHU administration has decided to conduct a judicial inquiry into the incident. Former Judge of Allahabad High Court V.K The inquiry committee headed by Dikshit has been constituted. Officials associated with BHU administration said that 65 more sensitive sites have been identified in the university, where CCTV cameras will be installed. In the first phase, the process of applying them has been started by the University and on the female hostel. Women security workers are also being included in the security system.

UP Government Also Ordered Judicial Inquiry

In Lucknow, When the Energy Minister and the government speaker Shrikant Sharma from the cabinet meeting asked reporters what action the government has taken against the BHU case, he said that the government matter has been ordered for judicial inquiry. However, the next moment he withdrew from his point and said that the local authorities would investigate this matter.
Minister Sharma said, “Some people are busy trying to spoil the atmosphere of BHU, such people will not let the government succeed, anti social elements will be dealt with strictly. The police has started working to address such people and Strict action will be taken against them.

Opposition Target To BJP

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) president Mayawati issued a statement on Tuesday and said that due to the wrong attitude and neglect of the BJP government, the police is being victim of excesses, violence, arson and fuss.  In this case, the attitude of BHU Vice-Chancellor Tripathi is not too beneficial for the student, but it is very strict and dictatorial. They said, “Students of BHU were opposing the issue of sedition with their classmate, but due to the provocative attitude of the Vice Chancellor, the movement of the students got intense and ultimately they were victimized by the police’s oppression.”
BHU Violence
At the same time, state Congress chief Raj Babbar was also present in Banaras on Tuesday and he kept his eye on this issue. They demanded the removal of BHU Vice-Chancellor during the interaction with journalists. He said, “The slogan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has changed in Uproar.” Now Beti Padhao and Beti Badhao instead of, teach the new slogan daughter, the Beti Padhao and Beti Pitwao and the vice-chancellor should be removed immediately.
Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) staged a protest against the Gandhi statue located at GPO Park in the capital. Ralod demanded immediate suspension of administrative and police officers who were dismissed with the dismissal of BHU Vice-Chancellor. RLD office bearers and activists led by state’s President Dr. Masood Ahmed slogan against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. He also sent a memorandum to Governor Ram Naik.


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