Brother Murdered His Sister-In-Law


Brother Murdered His Sister-In-Law With A Knife 16 Times

On Monday, one brother murdered his sister-in-law with a knife 16 times in Nala Sopara area in the city. Meanwhile, the finger of sister-in-law’s friend was also cut off in the middle when she comes to rescue. Salman Shaikh absconding after executing the incident According to the police, the deceased lady was pregnant. The causes of the murder have not been ascertained yet. Such incidents have happened.

What Was Matter

Sub-divisional officer Datta Totivade, who is investigating the case, told that his brother-in-law Salman Sheikh attacked with knives on Monday afternoon on Nikhat Shaikh (24) who lives in the Naseema apartment built in a tanked area.
The girl lived with her husband runs Ola Cab in Mumbai. Around 12 a.m. on Monday, she was in the house talking to her friend Nuri Parvin (22). His brother-in-law Salman, who was in the nearby building, came there and started knocking with knives on Nikhat. He attacked one after 16 consecutive strikes.

Brother Accusation On In-Laws

Nikhat’s brother Mohsin said that his brother-in-laws were responsible for his murder. Mohsin said that Nikhat’s husband was running out of affair. Allegation the family often used to beat him for dowry, after which he had also filed a case in the police station. Brother has demanded strict action against all, while talking about the execution of this massacre with planning.

Still Absconding Accused

Accused in mid-rescue, also hit a knife on Nuri Parveen, causing one of his fingers to be cut. Fired out of the house to save lives, the accused brother-in-laws did not leave his pursuit and ran to the street and took his life.  After the incident, the accused escaped from the spot. After reaching the spot, the police have sent the dead body to the post-mortem.

According to the police, the deceased lady was pregnant, the reasons for the murder were not yet known.


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