BSP Leader Rajesh Yadav Murder


BSP Targets The Government After The Assassination Of Rajesh Yadav

On Monday night, BSP leader Rajesh Yadav was shot dead in Allahabad. BSP leader Rajesh Yadav was shot outside Allahabad University’s Tarachand hostel. Since the incident the city is getting bigger. The official process of election from Allahabad University was to begin today. He went to Tarachand hostel of Allahabad University with his friend Dr. Mukul Singh about electoral support. Where there was talk of agreement between some candidates who contested the elections, who should sit and contest any election. There was a buzz about this thing.

BSP Leader Rajesh Yadav Murder
About At 2: 30 o’clock in the dispute, Rajesh walked out of the hostel while walking out of the hostel. In the meantime, the bullet was shot. The bullet shot in the Rajesh stomach. Suddenly the stirred up Rajesh was rushed to Raj Nursing Home where he died during treatment.

Dispute was so overwhelming at the time of the car crash, that stone sticks on Rajesh’s car with brick stone. There were also several round firing. It is also being told that firing was also done in the defense of BSP leader. But he could not stand before the attackers. The police has recovered several bullets from the incident. The body has been sent for postmortem right now. The crowd of BSP leaders gathered outside the post-mortem house. It is feared that in the pro-case can perform. Police security has been increased for security arrangements. The challenge for the police will be that from today onwards the process of election is going on in Allahabad University.

Monika Blame on Dr. Mukul

At the same time Rajesh’s wife Monika has been accused of being behind the murder of Dr. Mukul. They say that Rajesh had some controversy about his business, which led to her husband being hanged. On this issue, Allahabad SSP Anand Kulkarni said, “The police are searching the CCTV cameras surrounding the intersections. What happened to the quarrel, and it is not clear right now. Rajesh’s car has got some blank khoks. There are also brick-stone marks on the car. The Police are investigating.”

BSP Targets To The Government

After the killing of BSP leader Rajesh Yadav in Allahabad, where his supporters have fiercely killed At the same time in his home district Bhadohi, the protest against the murder and the government has begun to bash.
In Parasurampur village of Gyanpur police station area of Bhadohi district, where the people of Yadav’s society burnt the effigy of the state government and protested. At the same time, BSP’s Gyanpur Assembly in-charge, Rajesh Mishra, has attacked the Yogi Government on a very fiercely and warned of agitation if there is no arrest of murderers in 24 hours.
Rajesh Mishra said that they condemn the killing in Allahabad are Rajesh Yadav, BSP candidate from Gyanpur Assembly of Bhadohi district. He said that the government failed in the province about law and order. There is no rule of law anywhere in the province and the BSP leaders and workers are on target in this government. BSP leaders are being attacked and chosen. Such attacks can never be tolerated.

BSP Demanded

They demanded the arrest of the killers in 24 hours, saying that, if the curtain is not raised from the whole matter, then the workers will be forced to move the movement. He said that there is a meeting with the leaders in Lucknow today, and a further strategy will be created as soon as we get the guidance in the meeting. In protest against the murder of Rajesh Yadav, people of Yadav Samaj in Gayanpur police station area of the region have blasted the effigy of the state government and made a slogan.

At the same time, after the incident, administration in the district has become completely cautious and police personnel have been deployed as a precaution in the BSP leader’s village.

BSP Leader Rajesh Yadav

Rajesh Yadav was identified as the Sultan Mirza of BSP. Rajesh Yadav, who studied engineering, was from Duguna village of Bhadohi district. At this time he lived in Haritkunj Apartment, behind the Company Bagh of Allahabad. He has worked for many years as a professional engineer. Rajesh has also made overseas jobs in places such as Dubai, Mauritius and Canada. Yadav, who laid the pipeline in the sea, later became involved in the BSP when there was a trend in Netagiri.
BSP Leader Rajesh Yadav Murder
In the election campaign, it will be the first district Panchayat member in the year 2010. Rajesh Yadav, famous for his special style, shone from the block election to the district panchayat president, he was made BSP in Bhadohi.


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