Budget Session Of Parliament Updates


Selling Dumpling Is Better Than Being Unemployed – Amit Shah

Budget Session Of Parliament: Today is the 4rth day of the on-going Parliament session. Both Houses of Parliament were expected to discuss the Motion of thanks on the President’s Address on Monday. The Lok Sabha assembled for the first time after Finance Minister Arun Jaitley tabled the Union Budget.

Amit Shah In Rajya Sabha

Bharatiya Janata Party President Amit Shah gives his debut speech in the Rajya Sabha on Monday. He said that the President gave his opinion on many topics in his address. Many people also analyze it, it is welcome but it should be seen from a different perspective. Please tell that before this, during the winter session, he had to give a speech during the discussion on GST, but he could not give the speech because of opposition.

Selling Dumpling Is Better Than Being Unemployed

In the past, during an interview, PM Modi was given an example of a seller of dumpling (pakori). Opposition, which had disarranged now Shah has given a strong answer to the opposition on this issue. In the Rajya Sabha, Shah said that it is better than unemployment that a young is selling dumpling (pakori), selling dumpling is not a matter of shame, do not compare with its beggar. He said that if the son of a tea-seller can become PM, then the son of dumpling man can become an industrialist.

Direct Strike On Tax

He said that several ministers of Congress governments joined the 23 meetings of GST Council and they agreed. But in the Sabha speak something else. He said that people are speaking Gabbar Singh Tax, Gabbar Singh was a robber. This tax goes to the Army Jawans, and goes for the people.

Amit Shah said that we had got pit in the heritage, A lot of the time government has been filling pit. He said that there was a need to remember the situation of the country in 2013. The speed of development in the country was very low, women were not safe in the country. The soldiers who guarded the border were unable to do anything due to the indecision of the government.

This Government Is For The Poor

Amit Shah said that after 30 years the Non-Congress Government came with a majority in the country. Our party had got a majority, but despite this, we formed the government under the leadership of the NDA. He said that when Modiji was elected the leader of the Sabha, during that time he had said that this government would be the government for the poor. This Government is moving forward in fulfilling the dreams of Gandhi and Deendayal.

We Did What Has Not Been Done In 60 Years

Amit Shah said that the government made a big decision as soon as it came and ran the Jandhan Yojana. Shah said that for 55 years the country was ruled by the one family, but in spite of this there was no poor bank account. When the PM announced it, my mind was also apprehensive that how will that happen whose has been not done in 60 years? But today more than 31 crore bank accounts have been opened.

Gas Connections Given To Crores

He said that even after 70 years of independence, 1.5 crore households did not have a gas stove, we have so far given gas connections to more than 3 crore people. Our goal is to provide eight crore gas connections. Amit Shah said that 30 percent Scheduled Castes and 13 per cent Scheduled Tribes have been given to women. Our government launched the historic campaign of Clean India.

Congress Governments Have Not Done Anything For Unemployment

He said that on this unemployment, large economists raised this issue in this sabha, I believe that unemployment is a problem in the country. But 55 years your party ruled in the country, so what have you done so far? Our government has been under the rule for a few years, yet we are looking for a solution.

Amit Shah said that while Indira ji nationalized the banks, the doors of the banks were not open for the poor. Our government has implemented Skull India, Money Scheme. He said that our government has come up with revolutionary schemes in the field of health. Our government has come up with the Ayushman scheme, which will provide security insurance to 500 million people. This is one of the biggest plans of the world.


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