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Be Ready To See Wonderful Sight In The Sky

Moon Eclipse 2018: The full Moon Eclipse going today will be seen in all the world’s countries including India. This eclipse has been called the Blue Moons lunar eclipse, under which a part of the moon will be hidden. These eclampses have come about 150 years later. According to the scientists, the lunar eclipse occurs when the moon comes between the earth and the sun and the earth shines on the moon because we are seeing this astronomical phenomenon from the earth and the shadow of the Earth is very large, hence the moon The specialty of eclipse is that it starts at the same time in the world and ends at the same time, in spite of all superstitions about the moon eclipse in different countries but the thing that has no bearing on our life in the Sky event.

The beginning of the Lunar Eclipse across the world, according to Indian time, will be at 4:21:15 PM, at this time the moon will enter Penumbra, the lightest shadow of the earth, but in India it will be day and the moon should not be visible in the sky, India cannot be seen after this partial lunar eclipse will start at 5:18:27 pm, but by this time there should not have been a moonlight in area of India, therefore partial lunar eclipse talking about Delhi from the beginning also, rise of the moon will be at 5:53:54 pm, after half an hour, the moon will be seen in most places of Delhi.

The full moon eclipse will begin at 6:21:47 pm It will be seen throughout the country and the deepest inclination of the full moon eclipse will be at 6:59:49 pm Full moon eclipse position at 7:37:51 pm The partial lunar eclipse will end at 8:41:11 pm and after that the penumbral lunar eclipse will end at 9:38:27 pm.

Biji Siddhartha, director of BM Birla Science Center, said that the complete lunar eclipse on Wednesday will be visible from India. In it, the moon will take reddish brown color which is also called ‘Blue Moon’. According to the center, this incident has also been named Blue Moon and Super Moon.

This phenomenon in detail, Siddhartha said that during the lunar eclipse, the earth comes between the sun and the moon and the shadow of the earth falls on the moon.

What Time In India Will The Impact Of Lunar Eclipse

Siddhartha said, “If all three come on one line, then there is complete lunar eclipse. Even during the complete lunar eclipse, some rays of the sun are refracted through the Earth’s atmosphere and the moon takes a light brown red glow and it will happen on January 31. Some people call it ‘Blue Moon’.

How To See Lunar Eclipse

You do not need any special arrangements to see the Lunar Eclipse, you can see it with your eyes too. It is unlikely that any kind of damage is possible but it is a pleasure to watch the moon through telescope. Arrangements have been made in different cities of the country, talk about the capital Delhi, here in the Nehru Planetarium arranged for the general public to see the moon eclipse through telescope has been done


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