Cost of A Bottle of Water Is 65 Lakh Rupees


The Cost of A Bottle of Water Is 65 Lakh Rupees, But Why?

‘Water’ is the basic need of life. It is difficult to imagine life without water. Well, if you belong to middle class backgrounds, then you will have heard it many times that the prices of ‘fruits and vegetables’ were sold.’ This is because we think water is very cheap.
At the same time, no man needs to think once more to buy a bottle of water. But today we will be stunned to hear what you are going to tell you about water. Now tell me, you have ever heard that a bottle of water can cost millions of rupees.
No no the reason is that we get the water bottle in 15-20 rupees. But there is also a brand of water whose bottle value is 65 lakh rupees. Its name is Beverly Hills. It will be available in India soon. Then what’s the matter of late? Let’s know what will be special in this brand of water?

India Has These Scenes

The drinking water in our country is that after thirsting, it took 10-15 rupees and bought a bottle. Drink water only after peace drinks.
Now what will happen to the bottle? It is also funny that we do not even care about bottles of water. If you keep it together then it does not go right then it moves away. But now the bottles are coming, what about them? Well, this concern will be done by those people who will drink millions of water.

Remember The Water of  Virat Kohli?

Cost of A Bottle of Water Is 65 Lakh Rupees
By the way, till now, only Virat Kohli had heard about 600 rupees per liter water. Evian water was imported from France for them only. But now it may be that people like Ambani, Birla, Tata talk about water in the coming days.

Let Us Know Its Specialty

The common man does the same thing. The Beverly Hills brand, which launches the toils of the Lankans, may not know that we are so wicker in the matter of water that the train stops at a station as long as we can arrange the water.

Let Us Now Say That After All Is This Water In This?

The bottle contains water brought from 5,000 feet above the ancient southern California Mountains. According to John Gluck, co-founder of Beverly Hills Drink Company, “The taste of Beverly Hills 9OH2O is very different and light. This gives the drinker a different flavor.

Water Is Beneficial For Health

The specialty of water is also that this water is specially designed to benefit the health. This water has all the natural properties and it is equipped with electrolyte. If you have to taste water without spending lakhs of rupees, then you should do it. It is worth a liter of water. By telling you that people who want to taste water, but cannot think of spending so much money. , Then the company could give one liter of water in 800 rupees.

Cost of A Bottle of Water Is 65 Lakh RupeesWho will buy such water? Well, by 2018 these bottles will come in India. Now it will be interesting to see who comes forward to buy this bottle of 65 lakhs.


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