Council Cut GST Rates Of Over 200 Items


GST Rate On 178 Items Has Been Reduced To 18 Percent

In the two-day GST Council meeting in Guwahati, a change in GST rates of 211 items has been changed. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said after the GST Council meeting that the GST rate on 178 items has been reduced to 18 percent. New rates for GST will be effective from November 15. Read on which item will look at how much GST.

AC-Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Including 50 Things Will Take 18 Percent GST

28 percent slab no longer has 228 items, only 50 items remain. There will now be pan masala, soft drink, tobacco, cigarette, cement, paint, air conditioner, perfume, vacuum cleaner, fridge, washing machine, car, two wheeler and aircraft in this slab.

18 Percent GST On These Things

Electric control, electric board, panel, console, cabinet, wire, cable, insulated conductor, electric insulator, electric plug, switch, socket, fuse, relay, electric connectors, iron box, suitcase, briefcase for distribution, Traveling bags, handbags, shampoos, hair creams, Hair coloring, lamps and light fittings, shaving Kits, deodorants, perfumes, makeup accessories, fan, pumps, co. Plastic, plastic products such as dresser, plastic Items, shower, sink, washbasin, seat accessories, plastic sanitary ware, all types of ceramic tile, razor and razor blade, board, seats, particle / fiber board, plywood, wood made Accessories, wooden frames, furniture, mattresses and bedding, detergents, washing and cleaning materials, cutlery, stoves, cookers, non-electric domestic appliances, clothes, f Made of woven garments.

Marble, granite items, wristwatches, Clock and watch cases and accessories related to it, office, desk equipment, cement, concrete and artificial stone products, wall papers, all kinds of glass items, electronic weight machines, firefighting equipment, bulldozers, loaders, road rollers, escalators, Cooling towers, electrical equipment of radio and television broadcasting, sound recording equipment, all kinds of musical instruments and related accessories, artificial flowers, leaves and artificial fruits, Coke butter, fat and oil powder, chocolate, chewing gum and bubblegum, rubber tubes and rubber goods, glasses and binoculars.

12 Percent GST On These Things

Diabetics, printing ink, hat, agricultural, horticulture, forestry, machinery related to cutting, jute, hand bags made of cotton and shopping bags, refined Sugar and Sugar cube, thickened milk, pasta and saving machine accessories.

5 Percent GST On These Things

Puff Rice Chikki, Pinat Chikki, Sisam Chikki, Rewdi, Tilrevdi, Khaja, Cashew Cutlery, Groundnut Sweet Gatta, Coconut powder, Idli and Dosa, Cotton woven fabrics, finished leather, leather items, fly ash, fishing net and fishing hook.


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