Daughter Make Physical Relationship With Thief At House


Know Why Daughter Make Physical Relationship with Thief At House

In New Delhi’s Seelampur area during the investigation, it has been revealed that there is constant talk with the young man named Anish, who lives in the street of the young lady. Police called Anish for questioning, and then he was arrested in the investigation. Soon, he confessed the crime. She told that she loves the girl.

In 2015, both of them quietly got married in Shahdara. Here, now when the girlfriend’s marriage was decided in another place, the young woman and Anish conspired to robbery. According to the conspiracy Anish reached his house on Tuesday evening at around 6.15 pm. Here, the girlfriend closed her little sister in the room. Later the money and jewelry to bury his own hands and feet by quoting Anish. At 7.15 pm Anish went away with the money and jewelry. When the family reached the house, the young woman told the robbery.

Anish Had Come Home and Formed The Relationship

The girl was absolutely sure that if she told the father that the miscreants had committed a crime before robbery, then her family would never complain about robbery in the police station, but it did not happen. The girlfriend’s father told the police about robbery, but did not mention the rape of the girl. Anish said that his girlfriend had called her home and asked him to have a physical relationship with her.
He had said that if the family complains to the police and the police provide medical treatment to the girl, the misdeed will be confirmed. At the same time, after the incident, the families complained about the robbery of 20 lakh rupees and robber jewelery worth Rs 10 lakh and the police detained the woman and her lover within 12 hours. The accused were identified as Girl (23) and her lover Anish (34). Investigations revealed that Anish had robbery two lakh rupees and jewelery of eight lakh rupees on the advice of the young woman. The amount and jewelery have been recovered.

The family told that his daughter was scheduled to marry on November 26, but she wanted to be with the boyfriend. So he robbery. His conspiracy was that after the marriage, he would be divorced and live with his lover.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Dr. AK Singla

Dr. AK Singla told that around 9 pm on Tuesday night, Welcome resident of Shahid informed the robbery in the house. Shahid, was in school dress shop in Gandhinagar, told that the family had gone to the market. At home, his 12 year old daughter and older daughter were home. At the same time some miscreants entered the house.

The younger daughter was locked in the room, while placing 20 lakh cash and jewelry worth Rs 10 lakh in the cupboard by placing the hands and feet of her elder daughter and mouth. After this, a team of Seemalpur police station Inspector Ram Avtar Tyagi, ATS Inspector Vinay Yadav, SI Dinesh Kumar and Head Constable Ali were formed to investigate the case.

The suspicion happened on the woman and the whole case was revealed.
The woman suspected the after questioning the inquiry team. It was found that there is a constant conversation with a young man named Anish, who lives in the street of the young lady. Police interrogated Anish, and he confessed his crime. She told that she loves her girlfriend. Even after eight years of marriage, she has no child, so she wanted to marry a young woman.


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