Falcon Heavy Launch


‘SpaceX’ Successfully Lunches The World Most Powerful Rocket

Falcon Heavy: Business tycoon Elon Musk’s company ‘SpaceX’ has created history by successfully sending the world’s most powerful rocket Falcon Heavy to space. This is the first important step towards Musk’s ambitious plan to establish human habitation on Mars. It is interesting fact is that a sports car along with this rocket has also been sent to the space and it is also a matter of fact that for the first time a private company has launched such a huge rocket without any official help. It is also being said that this rocket can be considered equivalent to a 23-store building.

Falcon Heavy Test Launch Live Broadcast

Falcon Heavy was launched from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center on Indian time Tuesday, late night at 2:25 am, and SpaceX broadcast live the whole process. It has got tremendous enthusiasm in the people. After the launch of Falcon Heavy, SpaceX commentator Laurence said, “Wow, have you seen people? It was fantastic.

SpaceX’s Most Ambitious Project

Falcon Heavy will keep going from earth’s orbit to Mars’s orbit. Musk had told that after reaching his orbit, his speed would be 11 km / second. However, it has been sent to an effigy wearing a future space suit, not a person. This is the most ambitious project of SpaceX ever, and experts have praised it as a game changer.

NASA is also looking on this. Seeing the purpose of sending people on the Moon and the Mars, he can also use this powerful rocket. SpaceX claims that Falcon Heavy can take double weight being used in the present time the most powerful rocket Delta-4 Heavy,. Musk also claimed that this rocket could take humans to the Moon and Mars. They had told that Falcon Heavy will be launched from exactly where the ‘Saturn 5 Apollo 11 Moon Rocket’ was launched.

‘Falcon Heavy’ Specialty

In December last year, Musk shared photos of the 27 Marlin engine rocket on social media. It is made by three rockets called ‘Falcon 9. It is 40 feet wide and 230 feet long and its total weight is 63.8 tons, which is equal to the weight of two space shuttle. Upon rising from the ground, it produces a threshold of 50 million pounds, which is equal to thrust producing by the 18 aircraft of the Boeing 747 aircraft. It can be sent to the space of about 1 lakh and 40thousand pounds.

Saturn -5 Was The Most Powerful Rocket

Let us tell you that Saturn-5 was the most powerful rocket till now, which has now stopped using. Saturn-5 had the power to carry 140 tons of payloads. NASA sent many missions to search on the moon with the help of Saturn-5. Skylab was also launched from this.

Musk Sends Tesla Car To Mars On Spacex Rocket

Musk’s roadster car along with ‘Falcon Heavy has also sent to space. This has first time happened. Musk told that he would also launch his Tesla Company’s roadster car along the ‘Falcon Heavy towards Mars. It is a sports car and once in a charging it can travel a thousand km. At the same time, it can catch speed of 0 to 100 km per hour in 1.9 seconds. The maximum speed of this car is 400 km per hour.


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