First Look of JioPhone


First Look of JioPhone See How Is This Mobile And Its Specialty

Reliance Jio has launched Rs 1,500 feature Smartphone. JioPhone Pre-booking has been done for this and soon it will reach the customers. But before that we have unboxing of JioPhone. What is special and what this phone looks like, this phone will give you all such information of First Look of JioPhone. We have used this phone and on this basis we will tell in its quick review that what is special in JioPhone.

Design and Build Quality

At First Look of JioPhone, its build quality looks fine, because this price range does not have the features of this build quality in the current market. This is a black color phone and its body is hard plastic and easy to use.

User Interface

It has a Linux based KaiOS and the user interface is easy of JioPhone. There are Jio preloaded apps. It also has a torch which is present with the flashlight option. Like the Android Smartphone, it also has a quick menu where there are some options like WiFi, Bluetooth, Flashlight and Audio. It can be accessed through navigation.
Reliance Jio gave a dedicated button for the TV which can be activated by pressing the long press. The Calling Button has a Jio Money logo which can launch the Wallet app by pressing long press. Navigation has a flashlight option and in this center the icon of Virtual Assistant is also given. You can enable Voice Assist by pressing it.  By enabling the Voice Assistant, you can command and respond to it. For example, you can ask it to call your contact.
In the Jio First Look Cinema app is Smooth and without watching it we saw the movie. Apart from this, in Jio TV, we have seen the news channel live till date and have been tested and found that it was too soft. No lag or buffering. Using the given app in the Jio First Look is easy and its user interface is easy. However, you may have trouble initially using Shortcut Keys.

Internet Surfing

If you talk about internet surfing, then there is a browser which can be used by Google. In the Google search we have opened the website and Facebook when we unboxing and First Look of JioPhone. However, only we opened up to the Facebook login page. But it has not been given the WhatsApp and neither is the app of YouTube. There is no app for Facebook as well.


Talking about the JioPhone camera, it has a VGA camera at the front, while a two-megapixel camera has been given in the rear. By the price the camera JioPhone is ok and can click the picture. There is also a video chat app, so video calling can be done through the front camera.
In Total of First Look of JioPhone better at first sight and the apps given in it work. Internet speed is good and for calling, this phone is better. You can learn about this phone in the given video. We have told the audience about this and have mentioned about one feature of this phone.


Delivery of Reliance JioPhone

Reliance revolution in the communication industry through the Jio Network is going to soon give you the cheapest Reliance Jio phone in your hands. On August 24, the company had started booking Reliance Jio phone and now it is due to be delivered on September 24. Let us tell you what is the value of this phone worth Rs 1500 and why it is being called the cheapest and technically advanced phone.

See How Is This Mobile And Its Specialty

Here you can watch the Jio Phone first look What is special and what is the feature in this video.


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