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B’Day Spl : At The Age Of 13, A King Had Done Begum Akhtar’s Rape

Gajal’s Mallika and legendary singer Begum Akhtar’s 108th birthday today. Begum Akhtar, who pronounced the pure Urdu, is the empress of Dadra and Thumri. A lot has been written about his songs and ghazals. But today we will tell about the interesting aspects of their life that you would definitely like to know.
Begum Akhtar’s childhood name was Bibbi. He was the daughter of Faizabad’s married lawyer Asghar Hussain and Tawaif Mushtari Bai. Asghar and Mushtari used to love each other. As a result of which Bibbi were born Zohra was born twin daughters At the age of fours, both sisters ate poisonous sweets. Bibbi survived in this but her sister died. Asghar also left Mushtari and daughter Bibbi, after which both had to struggle alone.
Bibbi did not feel like studying writing. Once in mischief he cut his Teacher’s hair. Despite minor studies, he got good insight into Urdu poetry. He started singing at the age of seven. Mother Mushtari did not agree to this. His training had begun. He took music education from many masters. But the journey was not easy.
At the age of 13, Bibbi had become Begum Akhtar. At the same time, a King of Bihar raped him for the excuse of becoming a grapevine. After this incident, Akhtar became pregnant and she gave birth to daughter Sanno alias Shamina at a young age. Fearing the world, she used to tell this daughter to be her younger sister. Later the world came to know that this is not his sister but daughter. At the age of 15, Akhtar landed on stage for the first time in the name of Faizabadi.
In his voice, all the pain of life was clearly visible. This event took place in Kolkata to collect donations for earthquake victims of Bihar. Kokila Sarojini Naidu was also present in the program She was very impressed by the singing of Akhtr and gave them blessings. Later, Naidu even sent a khadi sari to him in the meeting. Begum Akhtar’s disciple, Rita Ganguly, says that Akhtar was 11 years old at the time of her first performance.

At that time some people even considered him as an ace. Begum Akhtar’s 73-year-old disciple Rita Ganguly has written a book on her. In an interview, he had said that an organization of Mumbai had requested Mushtari Bai to hand over their daughter to them. In return, one lakh rupees was proposed to be given, but Akhtar and mother Mushtari turned down the offer. The fame grew gradually and the fans of Akhtar got up too.

Akhtar was very scared of loneliness. He was scared to go to his hotel room alone. Because alone they surrounded old memories they started drinking alcohol and cigarettes to overcome their loneliness. The cigarette call was so high that in Ramazan he could only have eight or nine roza Kept. She was a chain smoker. Once he was traveling in the train. During that time the train stopped at a station at night, but they did not get cigarettes there.

Why Google Dedicates Picture To Begum AkhtarThen Begum Akhtar snatched his Light and flag to call a cigarette from the guard. Then the guard brought the cigarette packet of his hundred rupees and then proceeded to the train station. Due to cigarette, Begum Akhtar had seen the ‘Pakija‘ movie six times. Actually, he had to go out of the cinema to drink a cigarette, and the film would have moved forward until he returned. On this, he used to watch the film again and thus he could see the whole movie in six times.

Akhtar acted along with singing. In 1939, he broke away from the world of music and started living in Lucknow. He came here and found his love. In 1945, he married Barrister Ishtiaq Ahmed Abbasi, against the family. From then on, his name was Begum Akhtar. They left the song when the husband asked. Leaving the song perhaps Begum Akhtar had left his life, hence he started to get sick. Cigarettes were very drinking, so they had a problem of depression with lung disease.

She was very sad. Then the doctors said that the song could cure his illness. After the husband’s resignation, in 1949, he joined the All India Radio Lucknow and came back to the world of singing. Once Begum Akhtar went to Mumbai to attend a music gathering At the same time, he suddenly decided that he would go to Hajj. As long as they reached Madina, all their money had ended. He started reading the Naat sitting on the ground. A crowd of people got caught and in this way they collected money. Begum Akhtar did not touch alcohol after two years after coming from Hajj, but gradually started drinking again.

The Indian government had honored with Padmashri and Padmabhushan. He also received the Sangeet Natak Academy Award. On October 30, 1974, Begum Akhtar was singing on the stage in Ahmedabad. The condition was bad, it was not being sung well. In a desire of better, he insisted on himself that he had to be taken to a hospital, from where he would not return. He died of heart attack. He was laid off in Basant Bagh of Lucknow. His mother, Mushtari Bai’s grave, was also beside him.



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