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Google Launches Online Payment App ‘TEZ’ In India

Google has introduced its digital payment system ‘Tez’ in India on Monday, the world’s emperor of technology. Its purpose is to make Electronic Transactions Easier and safer in the Indian market. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley launched it on Monday. The Finance Minister also made the first transaction on this. This App has been first introduced in India. It is available in seven languages, including English and Hindi. On this event, the Finance Minister Jaitley said that as the state-of-the-art technology will knock on the market, digital payments will catch up. Many people chose the digital medium of convenience, but not for convenience.
This compulsion has become a habit of many people. Now this habit will increase and grow fast.

Google Vice President

Caesar Sengupta said that it has been prepared according to India. There are some areas where India can easily move beyond west. Payments and commerce are among those.

Knock in Indian Payment Market

Google has launched this App first to make its place in the fast-growing Indian payment market. It works on the unified payment interface of the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). Google has partnered with HDFC, ICICI, Axis and State Bank of India for this App.
The user will have to register on this App with the mobile number which is linked to their bank account. After giving the email ID, it will be registered. Through this, users will be able to easily and easily transact the rupees with those who pay their bills and other users.

Special Feature Cache Mode

This is a special feature of this App. Through this, users will be able to make transactions without giving their Phone Number or Bank Information. This feature will be based on Audio QR Code Technology in which the user will be connected through the handset’s microphone and speaker and complete the voice transaction.

Specialty of Security

Google’s fraudulent engine and many levels of security will ensure that all transactions on this platform are safe. In the coming days, there is a plan to provide wallet and card facility in this app.
Upon the transaction of more than Rs 50, customers will be given Scratch Card Upto Rs.1000. Google is working with companies like PVR and Redbus, which will allow consumers to pay faster. In the coming days, the fastest app will already be available in the phones of companies like Lava, Micromax, Nokia and Panasonic.

Google ‘Tez’ Than 4 Million Downloads In 24 Hours

More than 4 lakh people downloaded this app within 24 hours of launching Google ‘Tez’ in India and during this time, transactions worth Rs 1.8 crore were recorded on this. A Google spokesman told IANS on Tuesday that a total of 18 million transactions (GMVs) were recorded in the last 24 hours and our 4,10,000 active users have been created.
Google Tez App
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley launched this app on Monday afternoon. He said that this app was discussed with the Chief Executive Officer of Indian Origin of Indian origin Sundar Pichai in January.
Jaitley said, Google has seen great potential in Indian economy and business. Replying to this, Pichai tweeted on Tuesday, we expect that the launch of ‘Fast By Google‘ will help you get one step closer to the vision of Digital India.
This app is built on the basis of the Government of India supported Unified Payments Interface (UPI). By fast, users can pay any small amount directly to the bank account for free.
Gartner’s research director D.D. Mishra says, it is quick to say that this game changer will prove, because so far the technique is in the development phase. However, it will definitely make the market tremendously affected.
Apart from this, Google has also announced the launch of Tez-For-Business ‘app for merchants


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