Government Will Give 25 Thousand Rs To Women On Purchasing Scooty


Now the ‘Amma Scooter’ has been added to the public by the AIADMK Government of Tamil Nadu and the subsidy for the public is given free of cost. According to the report, women of Tamil Nadu whose annual income is less than 2.5 lakh, they will be given subsidy of 50 % or 25 thousand rupees for the purchase of two-wheelers up to 125 cc. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launch it in Chennai on February 24, on the occasion of 70th Birth Anniversary Celebration of Jayalalithaa, former chief minister and party chief. Only one woman in every family will be liable for this. However, families will be given special attention which women run. Widows, disabled or transgender will also get priority.

Various Subsidies Spent By AIADMK

Amma Mixers & Grinders- 7755 Crores

Amma Marriage Scheme- 4332 crores

Amma Laptops- 3324 Crores

Amma cycle- 359 million

Amma Baby Care kits- 67 million

Goats and cows – 1159 crores

Subsidy and Welfare Scheme

Amma Pharmacy- 20 Cr

Amma Seeds- 156 million

Food Subsidy – 25000 Cr

Maternity Benefit Scheme – 3016 crores

Amma Insurance- 2852 crores

From DMK

Color TV- 3384 crores

Rice (1 Rs per kg)

Medical Insurance (for the poor)

Amma Passes, But The Offer Remained For The People Of Tamil Nadu

Let us tell you that Jayalalitha, who has ruled over Tamil Nadu for two decades, has always kept the common man in mind. She took many decisions, which took his popularity among the people to the highlands. She completed the need of people and became 6 times Chief Minister. The greatest hand behind his success is considered as Amma Unvagam. It is a canteen chain where people get food at a very low cost. The special thing is that this canteen is open to not just the poor but for all income groups. It was started by Amma in 2013. Even now, despite not being a party, the party wants to continue to offer lively invitations to the public.


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