Gujarat Assembly Election 2017 – Poll Of Opinion Polls Results


Poll Of Opinion Polls Shows BJP Winning Gujarat Assembly Election 2017

Gujarat Assembly Election: Before the Gujarat assembly polls, BJP seem to be winning in three Opinion polls. If this happens then BJP will form the government for the fifth time in Gujarat, but this time the difference of victory will be less compared to the last time. In the Opinion poll, BJP seems to win 105-106 seats out of 182 seats in the state. According to these three opinion polls, Congress will sit in opposition with 73-74 seats.

According to opinion polls BJP can get between 106 to 116 seats. If BJP gets the victory in 116 seats, which will be equal to the last time the seats got. In the Times Now poll, BJP can get 111 seats and ABP-CSDS Opinion poll can win BJP at least 91 to 99 seats.

According to the Poll of Opinion Poll, the BJP will once again occupy the power of Gujarat 

While Congress in the three Opinion Polls seems to be performing better than the results of the last assembly elections. In the survey of India TV, the Congress can win between 63 and 73 seats. In Times Now survey, Congress can win 68 and ABP-CSDS Opinion Poll in Congress, with 78-86 seats.

Let us tell you that in the 2012 assembly elections, Congress won 60 seats and BJP got 116 seats. BJP has been in power for the last 22 years.

Campaigning For The First Phase Will Be Stop Today

Campaigning for the first phase of the Gujarat assembly elections will end there at five o’clock in the evening. Several big BJP leaders will rally today with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. At the same time several senior Congress leaders including former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will be presenting the press conference. The first phase of polling in the state will be held on 9th December.

Results Will Be Announced On December 18

In the first phase, 89 seats out of 182 assembly seats will be held, for which 977 candidates are in the fray. In the first phase, voting will be held in 19 districts. 6 of Kutch, and 48 seats in Saurashtra will be cast. At the same time, seven seats of South Gujarat will be cast. These 19 districts have 31.3 million populations.  In the first phase, there are 2 million 12 lakh voters.
Poll Of Opinion Polls Gujarat Elections
Let us tell you that in the first phase of the BJP in the first phase of 2012, 63 seats for BJP, 22 seats for Congress, 2 seats for Gujarat Transformation party and NCP-JDU got one seat. In the second phase, 93 seats will be held on December 14. While announced on December 18, it will be announced on 18 December.


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