Huge Earthquake In Mexico City


Huge Devastation Caused By Earthquake In Mexico, So Far 248 Deaths

A tremendous Earthquake has occurred in Mexico City. The intensity of earthquake has been recorded at 7.1 on the Richter scale. According to Indian time, earthquake came at 11:45 pm. Due to the tremendous earthquake, 248 people have died in Mexico City yet. 
The Earthquake has ruined it here. This has damaged 44 buildings. This earthquake is being called the biggest earthquake since 1985. The earthquake came on the 32nd anniversary of the devastating earthquake of 1985.
According to the US Geological Survey, the magnitude of earthquake was 7.1, but according to Mexico’s Seismological Institute, earthquake intensity was 6.8. The institute said that the center of the earthquake was in the neighboring Puebla province, seven kilometers west of Chiautla de Tapia.

Second Time Earthquake In Mexico

This is the second earthquake in Mexico within 12 days. About two weeks ago, there was a severe earthquake, in which 90 people died. At the same time, flights have been postponed due to earthquake. Relief and rescue work is going on fast. This earthquake occurred in Mexico only on the day of the most devastating earthquake that took place in Mexico in 1985. So far 139 people have died due to the earthquake. The number of dead is yet to be ascertained.

American Geological Survey

According to the American Geological Survey, the intensity of earthquake is 7.1 on the Richter scale. The epicenter of the earthquake was 52 km below the center of Puebla province. Mexican President Pena Nieto said that many buildings collapsed due to an earthquake in the capital Mexico City. The earthquake caused a rift in people were running away to save lives.
After the earthquake, flights from Mexico City Airport have been stopped. Two weeks ago, 90 people died in the devastating earthquake in the southern part of Mexico. It is significant that this earthquake occurred in Mexico on the 32nd anniversary of the devastating earthquake of 1985. In the 1985 earthquake, more than 5,000 people died in Mexico.
Huge Earthquake In Mexico CityLive Updates
  • Due to the fear and apprehension of earthquake tremors in the minds of people, the traffic situation has worsened, due to which the ambulance trains are having difficulty reaching the affected areas.
  • The figure of those who die from the earthquake is continuously increasing. So far 224 people have died.
  • Confirming the number of dead, National Coordinator Luis Felipe Puente said that 64 people in Morelos, 36 of the State of Mexico, 29 in Puebla, and one person died in Guerrero.
  • After the earthquake, all flights to Mexico City Airport are currently stopped.
  • After the earthquake, US President Donald Trump has tweeted, “We are with you and will always be with you.”


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