Idea Plan 2G, 3G, 4G Everything Unlimited


Idea Gives Customers To Great News Of 2G, 3G And 4G All 84 Days Of Everything Unlimited

Idea overtakes the offer of all telecom companies from its offer. In Idea’s offer, you will be given 1.5 GB of data and unlimited callings per day for 84 days. The special thing about this offer is that you can use this offer in 2G, 3G or 4G handsets and unlimited calls, then whether it is an outgoing incoming call in local, STD or roaming, you can do all calls free and Enjoy Unlimited Calling for 84 Days.
Speaking of the price of this offer of Idea, the idea has kept this offer in only 697 rupees. Only those people will get much benefit from this offer. Those who use 3G handsets because this is not a good offer so far by any company at such a low rate.

What Is The New Plan

If we make Idea’s 697 plan with a plan of Rs 509, then in the recharge of Rs 509, you get 4G handsets with 2Gb data for 56 days, if we plan Idea’s Rs 697 Talking about this, you are given this offer for 4G, 3G and 2GG handsets for 84 days. On which you are given 2G, 3G and 4G 1.5 GB data per day and all unlimited incoming and outgoing calls are being provided free of charge.
Idea Plan 2G, 3G, 4G Everything UnlimitedWith the new plans taken by Airtel, we will give you 2.5GB of data as well as the local + STD for all calls unlimited 1 month i.e. 28 days, if you plan to buy the Idea’s Rs 697 plan with Airtel. If we look at Airtel’s Rs 696, we are getting Rs 23.96 per day.
Whereas Idea’s 697 recharge is going to cost you 9 paisa per day, with the validity of 84 days, you can see the recharge of Airtel, Jio, by recharging Idea’s recharge, which recharge you have the advantage If you compare, then tell you that Idea’s recharge will be the best, because this recharge is working not only in 4G but also in 3G 2G.


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