Italy Fails To Qualify For World Cup 2018


2018 World Cup Without Italy, Netherlands And Chile

Italy’s legendary goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon has said goodbye to the game after failing to qualify for the first time in his country’s World Cup in 60 years. In addition to the Buffon, their team-mates Daniele de Rossi, Giorgio Chiellini and Andrea Barzagli also said goodbye to International Football.

Permanent Favorite List Shorter

Two names out of Permanent Favorite are out of the tournament this time – Netherlands and Italy. For the first time since decades, the Netherlands did not qualify for two consecutive World Cups and Italy’s team would not be one of the 32 teams to play the World Cup consistently after 1958. Italy has won four times the World Cup and With Brazil and Germany, Italy is one of the world’s football powerhouses.
I will not miss Italy completely Yes, the Buffon will definitely miss The Buffon are a goalkeeper, who has given Italy the World Cup and the European Championship on their own. Only about the boys who are crying after being out of the qualifiers round can only be said, ‘We got out of your quilt after being bigger.’
Italy’s way of playing, its like-machine approach and adopting every handcuff to win all of this never affect our generation of football fans. The Italian team’s approach is frustrating opponents, not invading themselves and winning.

When Zidane Had To Go Out Of The Pitch In The Final

When the superstar Zinedine Zidane was dismissed out of the match by showing the red card of that time in the 2006 World Cup Final by that time, Zidane was considered to be a perfect footballer completely team player, quite skillful, excellent athlete and always calm. It was very difficult to beat France on the pitch on the basis of Zidane. But during the match we felt a shock to the audience. Zidane slammed Italy’s Marco Materazzi during the game and dropped him on the field.
This was a big setback for all those who saw Zidane’s career as close friends as possible. Of course, Materazzi must have said some abusive words. And it really happened. Talking about after 10 years, Materazzi believed that he used to apologize about Zidan’s sister. It was at that time that we all felt that Zidane was fired under a thoughtful move. The result of the final result was changed from that event. Italy won and Italy’s team in the fans like us became less respected. In such a situation, I will not regret playing in Italy’s World Cup.

Netherlands And Chile Players Will Definitely Miss

The Netherlands team knows as John Cruff’s football. Speaking of total football, every player is completely in the mood of aggression. The goal is to score goals only in the opposing goal post. Robben had a glimpse of John. Wesley Sneijder was pushing that tradition forward. That will not be seen in the 2018 World Cup and it is a big sadness for a football fan like me.

At the same time, we all are disappointed that Chile will not even be in next year’s mega event.

‘The End’ – Italy’s 2018 World Cup


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