Jiah Khan Suicide Case: The Trial Hearing Adjourned To 28 February


Jiah Khan Suicide Case: Rabya Khan, Jiah’s mother and lawyer Swapnil Ambure clear his presence along with the public prosecutor and a CBI official. The report states that the trial was asked to submit a list of witnesses so that they could be present in court. However, Patil said that the list couldn’t be submitted due the Judge on leave. He told the journal that the next hearing has been posted for 28 February.

The Pancholis has also exposed to DNA that they want Rabya to be actually present in all the hearings. They reportedly feel that she should be there to prove the allegations that she has levied against Sooraj Pancholi. The Pancholis are planning to file a relevance challenging Rabya step into the witness box to prove the charges.

To this, Rabya has responded by saying that her lawyer is representing her in the court and he will show up if the court asks her to. She says that she has file all the required papers to strengthen her case against Sooraj, as well as call logs, messages and Jiah’s pictures, clicked after she was declared dead.


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