John Cena Retirement From WWE


John Cena Gave A Big Statement About His Retirement From WWE

WWE Superstar John Cena, who has been world’s favorite for the past several years, has made a big statement about his retirement. Actually John Cena recently participated in Edge and Christian Pod of Awesomeness podcast, where he talked on several topics. He talked about his retirement during the discussion. Perhaps even now his age has crossed 40 years. But he replied in the answer that they have not even thought about it yet.


John Cena WWE Career

He started his career in Pro Wrestling in 1999. John Cena has been a champion for 27 days in 2000. Cena has further said that he has prepared himself to work for 300 days in the WWE, he further said that whenever he felt that he was slowing down in the ring, he would not delay in retreating.
John further said that they can still do everything in the ring, which Vince McMahon would call them. Although the most surprising thing here is that even after being so fit, people are talking about Cena’s retirement. Right now, John Cena’s focus is on no match against the Roman Rains in No Mercy PPV, which is to be held on 24 September in Los Angeles.

John Cena Retirement

John Cena has come to the headlines these days about his retirement. He’s been 40 years old now. Cena became 40 years old in April this year. John Cena recently participated in Edge and Christian Podcast, where he talked on several major topics. During this, they were asked whether Cena is making a decision to retire. Cena responded by saying that he has not yet thought of anything for this.
Looking at today’s stage, it is very surprising that people are talking about Cena’s retirement. Especially considering that Ric Flair was in his prime at the age of 16 and Chris Jericho was doing such a great job at the age of 46. John Cena’s full attention at this time is in No Mercy on the match against the Roman Rance in PPV, which will go live from Los Angeles on 24 September (25 September in India).


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