Las Vegas Shootout Case


Las Vegas Shootout Case 58 Killed, 515 Injured, Psychopath Was Attacked

The shooting of a music concert in Los Angeles, USA, was taken by the Islamic State, a dreaded terrorist organization. The number of people killed in this shot has reached 58, while more than 515 people have been injured. It is being described as the most horrific shootout in modern American history. The US Federal Investigation Agency (FBI) has denied the accusation of an international terrorist organization in this incident.
This attack was done from the 32nd floor of Mandley Bay Resort and Casino Hotel. The Los Vegas Police told on their official Twitter handle that a suspected assailant has been killed. Police managed to enter the hotel room through small blasts. The shooter Stephen Podak (64) was supposed to be from Los Vegas. Police are also looking for a woman named Filippino Origin’s Merilou Danley. It is being said that this woman is a partner of the attacker. Danley has been named ‘Person of Interest’ by the police. The police has also released the photograph of this woman.
As soon as singer Jason Aldean began singing in the Concert organized at the Mandley Bay Resort and Casino Hotel premises, the sound of fireworks started coming up. The first people did not pay special attention to him, but as soon as the screams started, the people started fleeing as terrorists. There were about 40000 thousand people present in this music concert. In the crowd, which appeared the way, took part. At night, people could not understand where the bullets were coming from. As a result, a large number of people became victims of bullets. In the stampede some people were also injured due to crushing.

Eight Guns-Rifles Have The Attacker

Eight guns and rifles of different caliber were recovered from the room of the attacker Stephen Podak, located on the 32nd floor of the hotel, with eight guns-rifles near the attacker. There are some long-range killer rifles in them. Stephen was seated with a large number of cartridges and magazines for the purpose of targeting more people.

What Is Truth?

The Assailant Shot Himself The Police Knew Many Big Truths

There was an indiscriminate firing during a music program on Monday night in Las Vegas, USA. In which 58 people died and more than 500 were injured. Stephen Padock accused of this incident has been arrested. They do not have any criminal records. He had bought a house two years ago in the Retirement Community.
He lived in a live-in relationship with the Casino female worker in this house. According to official records, he had a pilot’s license. He was very fond of phishing. Padock had fired at people from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel in the nearby music festival in the nearby ground. Police told that he shot himself in the hotel room itself. Police also got 10 guns from the hotel room.

Who Is The Padock?

Las Vegas Shootout Case
 Stephen Nevada was a 64-year-old man, who lived in the state’s Mesquite. This place is about 80 km away from Las Vegas. This is where Paddock bought a house in 2015. He had to stay in this house with his partner Marilou Danielley.
The police are looking for it. After this firing, the police searched for Padock’shouse. It is being told that Daniel is out of the country. No one knows where it is. Paddock worked as an internal auditor. Padock has no social media record. He got a pilot license too. He had at least one single engine aircraft register in his name.

Hotel Room Dead Found Padock

According to the police, Padock has not got any links from any terrorist organization so far. It is not known why he has taken such a big step? The police are involved in finding out what was his motive behind carrying out the incident.

No Indian Affected

There is no information about the impact of any Indian on the event of the Foreign Ministry Las Vegas. Ministry of External Affairs spokesman Ravi Kumar said this information. He said, “Our consulate in San Francisco is watching the situation.”


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