India Complains of Looking at Meat Advertisement Lord Ganesha


India has filed an official complaint against the showing of the advertisement of the god of god Ganesh by the Australian company. In this advertisement, Lord Ganesha and other divine forms have been shown promoting the consumption of lamb meat. Advertised on behalf of Meet & Livestock Australia (MLA), the advertisement has already been brought to the notice of the Australian Bureau of Standards. In this advertisement, besides Ganesh, Jesus, Buddha, Thor can be seen sitting around a table eating food and discussing the meat of lamb.

The Indian High Commission in Canberra said that there has been talk about this advertisement with the Australian Government. The commission said in a statement on Saturday, “The religious sentiments of the Indian community have been hurt because of showing such an advertisement to Lord Ganesha.” According to the news, the Indian Consulate in Sydney appealed to Australia to remove this advertisement from Australia.

In response to the questions raised on advertising, the Australian company said that this advertisement was made only after extensive research and consultation. Our objective was to promote equality, not to insult any religion.

Indian Society of Western Australia spokesman Nitin Vashisht termed the advertisement as insensitive. According to ABC News, Vashishta said, ‘He has been eating lamb meat and considering his own new marketing policy. He is very insensitive to the community. ‘People have expressed their anger on the social media about this advertisement.

After the controversy over advertisements, MLA Group’s marketing manager Andrew Howie said that the campaign under the banner of ‘You Never Lone Alone’ is in progress. However, the tagline of advertising is also quite controversial. It reads, ‘The Meet We Can All It.’ that is the meat we all can eat.


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