Major changes being made by Railway Minister


Major Changes Being Made By Railway Minister From November

Indian Railways will soon cut travel time of more than 500 trains of long distance to two hours. A senior railway official told this today. He said that the new timetable will be updated in November.

Following instructions from Railway Minister Piyush Goyal, Railways has worked on ‘New timer‘, which will reduce the travel time of popular trains from 15 minutes to 2 hours. In the new timetable, each railway board will be given two to four hours of time for maintenance work. He said, “Our plan is to make maximum use of the existing rolling stock. This can happen in two ways – if we have a train waiting for a return, we can use it for a period of time to stop. “The official said,” In the new timeline, about 50 such Trains will run like this. The total of 51 trains will be reduced by one to three hours. It will have more than 500 trains.

Railways have started an internal audit in which 50 mail and express trains will be converted into super fast service. He said that it is a part of the rail system to improve the average speed of existing trains. Trains like Bhopal-Jodhpur Express will reach about 95 minutes soon and Guwahati-Indore special will complete its 2330 km journey in 115 minutes arrive soon. The Gazipur-Bandra Terminus Express, which travels a total of 1929 kilometers, will be arrive soon in about 95 minutes. Railways have also reduced stays on stations. Similarly, trains will not be available at low-speed stations.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal

Piyush Goyal has announced to add railway safety to timetable of trains. There will be no scope for blocking the track for regular maintenance of the track. It has been decided to save time by increasing the speed of 600-700 trains. This will make 48 Mail Express trains super fast. The new time table will be effective from November 1.
In the press conference, Piyush Goyal informed about the decisions taken in the last one month. He said the mapping of railway properties will be done with the help of ISRO to improve the timing of trains. Mobile app will be developed to monitor the work and to determine employee accountability. He said, “We have decided to give top priority to safety and security. There will be no shortage of money for this if 8-10 thousand crores more costs then no matter. ‘He said that to control the accidents, adopting the Train Protection Warning System, Mobile Train Radio Communication and the latest signaling system and the need to bring the technology of foreign technology out of necessity.

Wear Uniforms

Goyal said that all TTE and RPF Jawans need to wear uniform during the duty. At the same time it is necessary to mention the maximum retail price on every food and beverage item. Through the mobile app, passengers will be made accountable to public grievances.

Food Kit To The Gangman

Goyal said that special emphasis should be given on improving the workshops of the railway workers concerned. The gangman has to work far and away from the station. Where many times it difficult to get food and water. Therefore, now they will be provided with water and food kit along with the Tool Kit. Their promotions will also be noticed.

Maintenance Also At Night

The track will be monitored instead of the devices instead of the manual. Ultra Sonic Flow Detection Sensors are being purchased for this. The construction of ICF coaches will be completely closed and replaced with LBH coach. Not only this, the maintenance work will be done round-the-clock, with modern lighting security work will be done at night also.

Dustbin In The Toilet

Due to lack of dustbin in bio-toilet, people throw garbage in the commode. Therefore, now it has been decided to arrange dustbin in every toilet.

Timed Implementation

To ensure timely implementation of rail projects, projects will be approved only after land acquisition.


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