No Muslim Had Even Thought!

No Muslim Had Even Thought That in Russia the Rohingya Muslims could be Punished Like This in Protest of Atrocities. In the matter of atrocities on Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, this question is being repeatedly asked why the global community is silent on this suppression, but the real concern is that the global community is not just silent but in support of the victims He is also trying to silence those who raise the voice.

According to France’s website 24, nearly 200 people in the city of St. Petersburg were gathered in protest against the atrocities on the Rohingya Muslims, but a large number of them were arrested by the Russian police. On this occasion a representative of a foreign news agency said that there were many police vehicles present at the demonstration site, police officials arrested protesters and put them in vehicles. The representative says that he saw a scene of arresting nearly 100 people.

A person participating in the protests on this cruel behavior of the police said that “Our brothers are being arrested” Why are Muslims always accused? Why are they arresting us? Why cannot we raise our voices? We are concerned about the fact that our Rohingya brothers are being tortured. ”

It is clear that after the call of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadrop, several demonstrations have been performed in Russia in support of Rohingya Muslims. Last week, thousands of Muslims demonstrated against Rohingya Muslims in Darul Khalia Grozniini of Chechnya and demanded to stop the atrocities and killings being done on them.

Although the Muslim population of Russia has been very much opposed Last week, when Russian President Vladimir Putin was questioned in this context, he said, “We are against all kinds of violence, if someone wants to express their opinions, and then it has the right”.

It is also worth noting that Russia and Myanmar are close associates and last year there was a major agreement between the two countries, where Russia would sell Myanmar to war aircraft and Araratri weapons.


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