Testing Over The Ocean Of Hydrogen Bomb – North Korea


North Korea Now Speaks Of Hydrogen Bomb Testing Over The Ocean The World’s Breath Is Restrained

The continuing rhetoric between the US and North Korea is constantly showing in dangerous direction. North Korea has now spoken of the atmospheric test of hydrogen bomb above the Pacific Ocean. According to the news agency Reuters, North Korea Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho told that Kim Jong is thinking of testing Hydrogen Bombs with random capacity over the Pacific Ocean to answer Donald Trump’s threat. Earlier, in the United Nations General Assembly, Donald Trump had said that “if North Korea did not improve, then America would completely destroy it”.
According to the report, Yong Ho, a senior researcher of the Korea Defense and Security Forum in South Korea, said, “It can mean that North Korea used the Hwang-12 or Hwang-14 intercontinental ballistic missile equipped with nuclear weapons and a few hundred in the Pacific Ocean Explode into the above km. ‘ He further said, ‘Maybe Korea is bluffing but it needs such a test to assess its nuclear and missile capability.’

Experts, however, have feared the situation to be very bad. According to him, such testing of nuclear weapons missile can prove the success of North Korea’s weapon program, but it will be very provocative and risk is also very high.

Vipin Narang Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Vipin Narang associate professor of political science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), said, “The test of nuclear weapons missile, flying over the populated area, has been done very little. If everything is not planned according to the plan, then it can prove to be a turning event in the world.
At the same time, Melissa Hanham of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in California said, “It’s called the Pacific Ocean that means it will hit missiles from Japan.” According to them, North Korea wants to stop those who finger the fingerprint on their nuclear program through this test. North Korea has dug two missiles in Japan’s skyline in the past.

America’s Warning Is Nothing More Than Dog Bark

North Korea is constantly creating an atmosphere for war. North Korea once again defied the United States, US president Donald Trump warning to ruin North Korea. Korea’s response has come to this. The North Korean Foreign Minister has described warn of trump as dog barking.

North Korea Foreign Minister

North Korea’s Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho has said, “America’s threat is nothing more than the dog’s barking voice. If Trump thinks that he will scare us with the dogs barking words, then this is his misconception. “He said that North Korea is not afraid of America’s warning.

Testing Over The Ocean Of Hydrogen Bomb - North KoreaIs There War In North Korea And America?

Because of North Korea, the world is standing at the door-sill of another war. The atmosphere of the world is very tense at this time, neither is the dictator of North Korea Kim Jong, nor is the threat of threatening to attack American President Trump. In the United Nations, Trump warned to destroy North Korea completely. But the question is can Trump really order an attack on North Korea?

Hillary Clinton Told Trump’s Statement Dangerous

This question is arising because his speech given in the United Nations is being opposed in his own country. In his presidential election, his opponent, Hillary Clinton, described her statement as “extremely dangerous“, saying it was very dangerous, it was not a message that should have been given to a great leader of the world.
Meanwhile Trump threatened North Korea. Here Russia and China started military exercises, some 2,000 kilometers away from North Korea. It seems as if the two navies of the two countries have come together in the war preparations.

China has expressed its displeasure on the speech of Trump on the South China Sea speech in the United States, here the South Korean army has teamed up with American soldiers, in this exercise, and the Second Armored Brigade of America in collaboration with the South Korean Army ran away.


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