Nuclear War May Start Anytime : North Korea


North Korea Is Ready For War With US

The world’s largest freak dictator and North Korean President Kim Jong has threatened nuclear attack. The whole world has come in the war of war. He can attack anytime. Surely the first target will be America, but what will happen next, cannot be said right now. North Korean has clearly stated that its preparations have been completed and they can attack anytime.

According to the news agency AP, North Korea’s Deputy High Commissioner Kim In Ryong said in the United Nations that the situation of tension has reached such a point that nuclear war may start at any time. He told that his country is facing the threat of nuclear attack since the 70’s. Kim said that the US wants to demonstrate its nuclear power on the Korean Peninsula. Every year, there is a military practice here. He said that America is working on the secret plan to kill ruler Kim Jong. This information has now become public.

Kim Jong said that North Korea recently tested hydrogen bombs. It was successful. According to him, North Korea has three nuclear bombs, hydrogen bombs and intercontinental ballistic missiles. So their condition is good. America is completely in their JD. If someone touched an inch, then the situation would be very awesome. In a warning tone to the US, Kim said that the situation of danger will continue until he leaves his attitude.

America Is In Our Firing Range

Tension has increased in the Korean peninsula by the joint military exercise of the United States and South Korea. At the same time, North Korea has warned that at any given time nuclear war can happen. North Korea has been hit by the United States and South Korea to start joint military exercises on the eastern and western shores of the Korean peninsula and threatened again the missile attack on the Caribbean region of the US. North Korea’s Deputy Ambassador Kim In Ryong said in the United States that his country has become a nuclear power altogether and also warned that the whole mainland of America is in our firing range.
There has been a panic again between the US and the North. North Korea once again warns America that the US is in the firing range of North Korea and if the United States attacks it, then it is ready to answer it.

Korea And The US Started Five-Day Naval Exercises

Let us tell you that the American and South Korean army has started a five-day naval exercise. It is being told that this is done after North Korea’s latest threats to burn missiles in the Guam region within the US border.

40 Naval Ships Are Taking Part In Drill

This naval exercise has been done in the time of growing tensions with America due to North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs. The situation of war has arisen between the trumpet and the raging rhetoric between Trump and Kim Jong. It is being told that this drill, which starts on Monday between US and South Korea, has included combat aircraft, helicopters and 40 naval ships. These include USS Ronald Reagan.

Current Situation of The Korean Peninsula Is Very Bad

North Korea’s deputy UN ambassador Kim In Ryong said that North Korea has said on Monday from the Disarmament Committee of the United Nations General Assembly that the current situation of the Korean Peninsula has worsened. He said that only a nuclear attack would disrupt this peace. Reyong said that North Korea is the only country in the world that has been fighting with America’s nuclear threat since 1997.

North Korea Has The Right To Keep Nuclear Weapons

Speaking from North KoreaRyong has said that North Korea has the right to keep nuclear weapons for self-defense. Pointing towards South Korea and the United States, he said that military exercises are being done on a large scale every year, is not it dangerous? He alleged that the US made a plan for secret operation to remove our Supreme Leadership, is it not dangerous?
Kim In Ryong also appreciated the strength of North Korea, saying that we have nuclear powers. Presently we have atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs and ballistic missiles, and the whole of America is in our firing range and if America is trying to attack North Korea Forgets So he will not escape punishment


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