Rani Padmavati and Alauddin Khilji Real and Untold Story – Padmavati Movie


Padmavati Movie Real and Untold Story

The movie Padmavati’s trailer was released on Monday, which has seen more than 10 million views over YouTube in just one day. Dialogues of Actress Deepika Padukone are being liked in this. 

Actually Deepika is playing the role of Padmavati, the Queen of Chittorgarh. Whose real name was Rani Madan Kanwar Padmini and was one of the 15 queens of Rawal Ratan Singh, 42nd king of Chittorgarh.
Malik Mohammad Jaisi recorded the story of the attack on Chittorgarh and historical victory in 1303 AD, in the poetry of Padmavat. In it, he named the name of Padmini, Padmavati. It has been said that Rani Padmavati was very beautiful.
When Allauddin Khilji heard about the beauty of Padmavati, he got excited to see. The army of Khilji surrounded the Chittor Fort and sent a message to Raval Ratan Singh to meet Padmavati. Together with the conviction that by meeting Padmavati, he will leave Chittor and will not attack.
Padmavati Movie
King Rawal Ratan Singh of Chittor spoke to Padmavati about this. The queen was not ready for this, but found a solution to avoid the war. According to this measure, the condition will be that Khilji will have to come without a weapon and he will be able to see the shadow coming in the Padmini pond only in the mirror.
Khilji came and saw the queen’s shadow went out of the fort. But the beauty of the queen was so steep that she later attacked Chittor Fort. King Raval Ratan Singh and many of his soldiers were killed in this fight. However, even before Allauddin reached the fort to get queen, Padmavati had done jauhar with thousands of women.


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