PM Modi in Varansi To Inaugurated 20 Projects


Varanasi:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached, his parliamentary constituency Varanasi on Friday. On reaching his parliamentary area, the Prime Minister inaugurated 20 projects. PM Modi in Varansi also showed the green signal for Mahamna Express in Varanasi. Prime Minister Modi said that India is moving forward at a faster pace. He said that it is a challenge to take forward the long-term plans. PM Modi in Varansi praised UP CM Yogi Adityanath and said that Yogi has done amazing job in UP.  Modi in Varansi said that we launched more than 1000 crore projects. PM Modi said that we have shown how the work is done. The PM Modi in Varansi  said that the solution to every problem is only in development. This was stated by the Prime Minister during the inauguration of Trade Facilitation Center for weavers. PM said that our weavers needed the global market. PM Modi in Varansi said that we want the empowerment of every section of the society.

PM Modi in Varansi to inaugurated 20 projects

Before this, Governor Ram Naik, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath welcomed PM Modi at the airport. During the Varanasi tour, a program of special puja has also been organized in the Durga Mata Temple in the city. Apart from this, he will hold special meetings with party workers. After the formation of the BJP government in UP, for the first time, adequate arrangements have been made to safeguard the PM Modi coming to Varanasi for the first time.

  • Modi in Varansi  to inaugurate Vadodara Mahmona express.
  • PM Modi Deendayal Handicraft Complex in Lalpur – A Business Facilitation Center for      Handicrafts dedicated to the country.
  • PM Modi in Varansi will inaugurate Banking Services of Utkarsh Bank and lay the  Prime Minister will inaugurate water ambulances and body carriage services .
  • Given the huge problem of traffic jams in the city, these ambulances will be run in the Ganges.

Let me tell you that PM Modi is fasting for 9 whole days in Navratri. In these special days, visiting the Durga temple in the city will worship and the Tulsi Manas temple will also go. There will also be a postal stamp on Ramayana.
Modi in Varansi will arrive in the dalit settlement of Shahshapur on the second day of the tour. Here, they will dig the soil for the toilet after going to the Dalit settlement of the Muslim community. After this, he will launch the Livestock Health Fair with cow-worship in Gokul village. PM Modi will also inaugurate a medical center for animals. Simultaneously, PM Modi will distribute certificates to the beneficiaries of the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme in rural and urban areas and a special program has been organized to communicate with 700 Muslim women.


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