Rahul Gandhi In US


Image Of India Worsening, Employment Is Real Challenge – Rahul Gandhi

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi addressed the Indian community in New York’s historic Times Square on Wednesday. In the event organized by Marriott Marquis Hotel, Rahul once again surrounded the Modi government on the issue of employment. Along with violent incidents and intolerance, India’s image in the world is going to worsen.

India’s Image Is Dizzy

Congress vice-president also said that India’s image abroad has deteriorated. Rahul said, “India is known all over the world for living with unity and peace for thousands of years, but now this image is being spoiled. There are some such forces in the country which are dividing India. Not only this, Rahul Gandhi further said that US leaders questioned him about this. Rahul said, “Many Democratic and Republican leaders in America asked me what is going on in our country nowadays. Your country was known for peace.

Employment is Real Challenge

Rahul Gandhi said, “In India, 30 thousand youth come to the job market every day, but only 450 of them get employment. This is the biggest challenge for India today. “Following this problem, Rahul, while pointing to the reason, also targeted the Modi government. Rahul said, “The problem of employment is growing because nowadays only 50-60 companies are being focused.” If employment is on the increase then small and medium companies will have to be encouraged.

NRI is the Backbone of India

Prior to this, Rahul felicitated the NRI community and called him the backbone of India. Rahul said that the real movement of the Congress has the NRI Movement. Rahul said, ‘Gandhi, Nehru, Patel were all NRIs. All these people lived abroad and returned to India and worked for the country. Verghese Kurien was also an NRI, who brought the milk revolution in India.

Congressional Idea Is Thousands of Years Old

Indeed, this public meeting of Rahul Gandhi has been organized by the Foreign Office of Congress under the scheme to include NRIs (NRIs) in the party. Sam Pitroda is the president of Congress’s Overseas Department Communication done at Princeton University.
Earlier Rahul Gandhi had spoken to the students at Princeton University of America late on Tuesday night. In the meantime, Rahul blamed the Narendra Modi government on his own. Rahul said here that the Modi government is failing to create jobs. However, the Congress vice-president here also admitted that BJP-led BJP government was supported in India because people were angry at the issue of unemployment from the Congress party.

Rahul Was Also In Barclay

Prior to Princeton University, Rahul Gandhi had also done a program in Berkeley’s University of California on its America tour this week. In this program, Rahul had openly opted out of family politics in Indian politics and on the failed policies of the Modi government.


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