Refund Rules For Online Tickets


100% Refund At Online Tickets – Indian Rail

To increase the sale of e-tickets under the online ticket facility, the Railway Board has issued new orders. Under this, if the train is delay more than 3 hours, the e-ticketing passenger will be refunded 100%. Passenger will have to fill the online TDR (ticket deposit receipt) by visiting the IRCTC website. Within 50 minutes of filling the TDR, within 50 minutes of the TDR and the rest 50% of the train and information of the train will be deposited in the account. So far, only the passengers had 100% refunds on ticketing from Reservation Center. Railways have also given e-ticket assistance to the applicants by connecting this facility. Refunds can also be done at the reservation counter.
To facilitate e-ticket, more facilities are being given to online passenger dealers. In the event of a train delay of 3 hours or more, the passenger will now get full refund on filling online TDR in addition to the reservation center. There will not be any problem in this. Railway has updated the order of 2015. These orders were given on October 3.
Northern Railway CPRO Neeraj Sharma said that the railways have always tried to make passenger no problem of any kind. Along with this, this decision has been implemented by amending the Act made in 2015. This will provide immediate relief to travelers.

Refund Rules For E-Tickets Charge

240 rupees for AC First / Executive Class, 200 rupees for AC 2 Tier / First Class, AC 3 Tier / AC Chair Car / AC3 economy for Rs. 180, Sleeper Class for ticket cancellation, 48 hours before departure of train For Rs 120 and for second class, 60 rupees are charged for each passenger according to the charge.
The confirmation of the train ticket will be charged within 48 hours and 25% of the total rent on the ticket canceled by the scheduled train station of the train 12 hours before departure. Up to 12 hours and four hours before the scheduled departure of the train, the charge for canceling the ticket will be 50%.

TDR Form Must Be Filled 4 Hours In Advance

According to the IRCTC website, it is necessary to fill online ticket cancellation or TDR form 4 hours before departure. 30 minutes before the train runs, the minimum charge will be refunded by the deduction of RAC and waiting ticket. Confirmation of the delay of the train, delaying the delay of three hours from the prescribed period, the full ticket will be refunded without any charges for passenger tickets of RAC waiting ticket.
In the event of cancellation of trains, there is no need to cancel the e-ticket booked by IRCTC nor fill the TDR form. In such a situation, the amount will be automatically transferred to the passenger’s account. As per existing rules, no refund is given on cancellation of ticket immediately. If a train is running more than 3 hours or the train has been canceled, then you can fill the online TDR form to claim the passenger refund.
E-ticket issued for more than one passenger can be canceled 30 minutes before the train runs. In this, refund of fixed duty passengers is refunded, but for this, it is necessary to fill the online TDR form.


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