Reliance Jio 4G phones


1500 will not have to spend for Reliance Jio 4500

Reliance Jio’s 4G phone delivery has begun. But now the company has updated its term and condition on the Jio 4G phone. When the mobile was launched, Reliance Group owner Mukesh Ambani had said that Jio 4G phone will be completely free. For this, users will have to pay Rs 1500, which will be refunded later. But the matter is not so straightforward and clear. For the Jio 4G phone of 1500 rupees, you have to pay Rs. 4500 in 3 years.


Know These Conditions of Living

If any user consumes a recharge of 1500 rupees in a year in the Jio 4G phone, then the Jio 4G phone will be his and if he does not, then the company will take the Jio 4G phone back. In other words, in the last 3 years, Rs 4500 will be spent. In this case, if the customer wants a refund of this Jio 4G phone bought for Rs 1500, then he will have to use the Jio 4G phone for 3 years and also the recharge of Rs. 4500.
Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio has created a special data plan for the new feature phone. Recharge only 153 rupees for 14 GB data with 4G speed

Phone Refund Is Not Easy

If a user wants to return the Jio 4G phones before three years, he can return it, but for that he has three options.
Jio has clarified that those who will return the Jio 4G phones before one year will have to give GST and other TAX in addition to Rs 1,500. Those users who will return the Jio 4G phones after 1 year and before 2 years, they will have to give GST and tax in addition to 1,000 rupees. Similarly, users who return two years after the return of three years but three years ago, they will have to pay GST and other tax in addition to 500 rupees.

Right To Live On The Phone After Buying

The amazing thing is that even by paying 1500 rupees, you will have the right to live on the Jio 4G phone. On Jio 4G phone site it has clearly written that Jio phone users have no right to sell or rent or pay any person to the phone. These phones will be for personal use only. Also, it will only be used by the government or the company’s guideline.

Now Also Know This

According to the company, users of Jio phone cannot tamper with any of their phones. Such as changes in phone software, breaking the SIM lock of the phone or any kind of tampering will not be allowed. If you do this, then the refund plan will not get the benefit.


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