Russia Killing Children In Syria: North Korea Sent Syria Missile And Chemical Weapon – UN


North Korea sent Syria more than 40 items used in ballistic missile and chemical weapons programmes in the five years from 2012-17, a leaked UN report has said.

The situation in Syria is worsening day by day. Especially in Syria’s eastern city of Ghouta, bombing is taking place occupied area of ​​the rebels for the past three days. In which so many people have lost their lives. In this, innocent and children have also been killed, whose photo is viral. It can be estimated from the death that only one day that Monday, 127 people died in the bombing, in which more than 50 innocent children were killed.

According to the information, about 500 people have died in the last three days since Sunday. There is no count of the number of injured in the bombardment. The situation is such that there is blood on every side. No medicines for treatment, no need to get ration required to eat food has increased the problem. The effect of this is that things are becoming worse

In fact, the reason behind the bombing in Syria is that the city with a population of 4 million is in the occupation of the rebels for the past few years. And this is why it has been declared Syria and Iran as a rebel area. Here a terrorist organization has fully occupied. There is a huge bombing in the area for the destruction of all these. See through the photo after the bombing in the area.

The situation is that the cities of Syria are now turning into ruins. When Russian aircraft are bombed, everywhere people dying. After the bomb fell, the bodies have been scattered that you will be surprised even by seeing them. The bodies of innocent children are being found from the wrecks. According to the information, about 3 lakh people have been killed in the bombing so far. While more than 50 million have been displaced the situation is that bombardment is full of terrain.


From Sunday onwards, Russian aircraft in air-raided and rockets are being blown in rebel-held areas. Even the guns are being bombarded.


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