Somalia Capital Mogadishu Bomb Blast


Deadliest Terrorist Attack In The Country

The number of people killed in the most powerful blast in Somalia’s capital has more than 300. An ambulance service director gave this information. Dr. Abdulkadri Adam, Amen Ambulance Service said that more people died due to wounds in the last few hours. The funeral of the dead has started. The government has said that the number of deaths may increase. This is the most horrific attack in the world in recent years.
According to the police, the truck blast happened in the most crowded area of Mogadishu and the figure of the dead is continuously rising. According to police sources, the blast was so tremendous that the people standing in the range of around 100-150 meters were also caught in the grip. The injured have been admitted to hospitals in Mogadishu for treatment. However, many people have suffered such serious injuries that the police are also having trouble identifying them.
Somalia’s government has described the militant terrorist organization Al-Shabab as responsible for the blast. Al-Shabab’s name has often been associated with terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda several times. President Abdullah Mohammed Farmajo has announced a three-day national mourning on Sunday, expressing regret over the incident. He also appealed from the whole country to stand against terrorism during this sad time.


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