Taj Mahal Is Out of Tourism List of UP


Taj Mahal Should Be The Sign of Slavery, It Should Be Dropped: Azam Khan

Taj Mahal has also been included in politics after forming a BJP Government in Uttar Pradesh. The trust of the UP government in this historic heritage of India may not have been there anymore, therefore, the Yogi Government did not keep the list of tourist destinations in the Taj Mahal, whereas the Taj Mahal is considered as unique in the world, which is seen by people all over the world running in India. The experts believe that this is a far cry from the BJP government, which will be seen in the 2019 elections.


The tourism destination of the UP Government has been in dispute as the booklet is issued. The most shocking thing is that the Taj Mahal has not been mentioned in this booklet, while the CM Yogi Adityanath’s Gorakhnath Temple has been given place.

Samajwadi Party Leader Azam Khan

Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan has suggested to the Yogi government that if he decides to demolish the Taj Mahal as a symbol of this slavery, then I will accompany him. Let us tell you that in the past, the Yogi government had a big issue on the social media if the Taj Mahal was not given preference. The specimen of this great art of Mughals and the mark of love was acknowledged by the supporters of the Nationalist Government as a symbol of slavery, which is now confirmed by the Uttar Pradesh government as proof of Taj Mahal.
The Taj Mahal is absent from the booklet of the Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department. On this SP leader Azam Khan said, ‘It is a good initiative that the Taj Mahal is missing from the booklet. The Qutub Minar, the Red Fort, the Parliament House are all signs of slavery. “Speaking forward to his point, he said that in a time the matter of throwing the Taj Mahal was discussed. The Taj Mahal should be dropped. If Yogi will make such a decision, then he will be supported by them.

Congress Vice-President Target Yogi Aditya Nath

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has targeted UP CM Yogi Aditya Nath after Uttar Pradesh government removed Taj Mahal from the tourism list. Rahul Gandhi has called him of ‘Andher Nagari Ka Chaupat Raja’.

UP Tourism Minister Rita Bahuguna Joshi

On this matter Tuesday, Tourism Minister Rita Bahuguna Joshi addressed the media and presented cleanliness. Rita Bahuguna Joshi said that the Taj Mahal is our pride. Tajmal is our cultural heritage. We have given millions of rupees for the Taj Mahal. To make Agra more developed and beautiful.
When the Taj Mahal is excluded from the list of official tourist destinations, the CM’s Yogi Adityanath is tensed by saying Andher Nagari Ka Chaupat Raja‘.”The shine does not decrease due to not showing the lamp to the sun!

Rahul Gave a Hint To Bharatendu

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has taken a look at this move of the Yogi government and has said that due to not showing the lamp to the sun its glowingness does not decrease. Bharatindu wrote for such a rule that ‘Andher Nagari and Chaupat Raja

What Is In New Booklet?

According to media reports, the new booklet issued by the UP government has given only two pages to the Gorakhnath temple. It contains the photo of Gorakhdham Temple, its history and its significance. At the same time, the first page of the booklet is on Ganga Aarti of Varanasi and in the second page is the picture of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Tourism Minister Rita Bahuguna Joshi.
Taj Mahal Is Out of Tourism List of UP
Yogi Government has already been in the news headlines for the Taj Mahal. Right now, the UPA Government has not kept the Taj Mahal in the list of UP’s cultural heritage. Earlier, the Yogi had said in Bihar’s Darbhanga rally that there is nothing for him except the Taj Mahal in a building.

Explanation Given By The UPA Government

Due to lack of Taj Mahal in the booklet of tourist destinations, questions have started arising on the Yogi Government. In the late evening, the Yogi Government released a press conference in which he had written that for the development of Taj Mahal and its related development under the Pro Poor Tourism Scheme, Proposal of Rs. 156 crores is proposed to the World Bank. This plan is expected to be approved in three months.


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