The True Story Of Bhima Koregaon


What Was The Bhima Koregaon Battle, Know The True Story Of Bhima Koregaon

A violent clash between Maharashtra’s Dalit and Maratha community in Maharashtra spread to entire Maharashtra. Today the Dalit organizations have announced the Maharashtra Bandh. Between these disputes, now i am going telling you that the 200-year old story of Bhima Koregaon, when 800 Mahars had defeated 28 thousand Marathas.


Bhima Koregaon Story 1818

The point is 1818. Then, under Peshwa Bajirao II, 28 thousand Marathas were going to Pune to attack the British. On the way, he got a force of 800 soldiers, who was going to support the British soldiers in Pune. Peshwa sent 2,000 soldiers and attacked them.
The team of East India Company, led by Captain Francis Staunton, fought for 12 hours. They did not let the Marathas succeed. Later, the Marathas dragged behind the steps. The army which had fought against the Maratha soldiers, most of them were from Mahars Dalit community. They belonged to the Bombay Native Infantry.
This battle is also mentioned in James Grant Duff’s book “A History of the Marathas”. According to which in this battle along the banks of the river Bhima, the soldiers of the Mahar community prevented 28 thousand Marathas. According to British estimates, 500 to 600 soldiers of Peshwa were killed in this fight. The Government of India issued a stamp on the Mahar Regiment in 1981.

Untouchables Behave From Peshwa

However, there is different logic of people in the Dalit and Maratha communities regarding this fight. Some scholars believe that for Mahars it was not the British but the battle for their respect. Because the Peshwa behave ‘untouchables’ from the Mahars. Some historians say that there was such a bad condition of the dalits that when entering the city, the Mahars had to move a broom in their waist so that their feet would go away from the broom. Not only that, at that time a pottery was also hanged in the neck of the Dalits so that they could spit in it and no other ‘desecration’ would be made from their spit. They also discriminated against the removal of wells and ponds.
At the same time some historians have different opinions about this fight. He believes that the Mahars had not defeated the Marathas but the Brahmins. He was angry with the Brahmins who imposed on the untouchables. When the Mahars raised the voice, the Brahmin became angry. For this reason, Mahars got the British army.
If there is a look at history, there was no difference between the Mahars and the Marathas. The name of Marathas is brought here because Brahmans had to leave Peshwa from the Marathas. Whereby Maratha was angry If the Brahmin had finished untouched, it would not be a fight.


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