US and North Korea War


US Responded To North Korea Bomber Plane Blown On Korean Peninsula

After the Nuclear and Missile tests, the United State is now preparing to put pressure on North Korea. In response to this, four US American fighter jets and two Bomber planes flew over the Korean Peninsula on Monday.

South Korea’s Ministry

South Korea’s Ministry of Defense issued a statement saying, “Four F-35B fighter jets and two B-1B bombers flew over the Korean Peninsula, America and South Korea are against all threats, which are on the North Korea Nuclear and Missile test”
North Korea tested its sixth and most powerful Nuclear Missile on September 3. There has been a tension in the area since the missile testing conducted by Japan, due to which the American fighter jets flew into this area.
While describing it as a part of routine training, South Korea said, “South Korea’s F-15k fighter jets were also included in this drill with US fighter jets.” America and South Korea further improve the joint operation. We will continue training “.
Let us know that America is constantly trying to put pressure on North Korea. US Ambassador Nikki Haley in the United States recently warn North Korea that “Pyongyang will be destroyed if the trial of dangerous weapons does not stop”.

America and South Korea will Together

After the continuous missile trial of North Korea’s dictator, the United State has hastened its military activities in the area today. After the recent nuclear and missile tests from North Korea, four American fighter jets and two bomber aircraft flew over the Korean Peninsula and were able to fly above the Korean Peninsula. This is what the Defense Minister of South Korea has given this information.
US and North Korea War
Significantly, the United State will again conduct military exercises with South Korea next month. It will take part in US aircraft carrier warship. Before this, US state-of-the-art B-1B bombers will land in the Korean Peninsula and they will be able to respond immediately to any attempt to interfere in maneuvers.
This was the first time after North Korea’s sixth and most powerful Nuclear Missile test conducted on September 3, and after the stress of leaving the missile over Japan, when American fighter jets flew. South Korea Ministry of Defense told that American fighter jets flew with South Korea’s four fighter jets although it was part of the joint training program of US and South Korea


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