US Warn North Korea


US Pressured North Korea, Saying That If Missile Campaign Did Not Stop It Would Destroy It

Washington the US President will speak to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday and during the meeting, he will meet his counterparts from Japan and South Korea on Thursday. Find ways to pressure Pyongyang through officials of its associate countries including the US.
On the Sunday, the administration of US President Donald Trump warned North Korea that if he does not end the Nuclear and Ballistic Missile operations, he will be “Destroyed“.
Washington’s ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, trying to put pressure before the upcoming meeting in New York, said that if North Korea poses a threat to America or its allies, then “North Korea will be destroyed.”

The Dictator Kim Jong Announced To Him, ‘Now America’s Fate In Our Hands

Despite hard warnings of the United States and the United Nations, North Korea has surprised its neighbors by testing another nuclear missile. Following the successful trial of the missile, Kim Jong, he has foiled a lot against America. Giving news of the success of the missile from a North Korean TV channel, it has said that America’s fate is now in the hands of his dictator Kim Jong.
It has been said in the news that on the time of the success of the missile, a statement from North Korea’s dictator has been stated that the way America tests the strength of its army, to test its missiles to answer is being done.
Earlier in July, North Korea tested the first Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBMs), then tested Hydrogen Bomb in July and put the world in its deadly weapons. After this North Korea tested a long distance ICBM missile and it was fired from Japan. After this, many countries, including the US, condemned Kim Jong’s move and warned that North Korea’s nuclear program should be completely banned.
US Warn North Korea
Unaware of the warnings of the US and the United Nations, Kim Jong unleashed on Thursday another missile from Japan. The production of nuclear weapons in North Korea is at the peak this time, with whom North Korea said that the US is preparing for war.

Past Story

In the war of 1950, the US gave South Corica together. North Korea has been teasing since this and is constantly trying to teach America a lesson. According to the North Korea official newspaper Rodong Sinmun, Kim Jong has rejected the limits imposed by the international community of America. Not so much North Korea has warned the US that he now has the ability to deal with the US. North Korea has now developed such weapons that can target America’s big cities easily.


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