Vasundhara Government At Backfoot Amidst of All-Round Criticism


Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje Is Facing All-Round Criticism

Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje is facing all-round criticism of an ordinance to prevent ministers and government officials from examining corruption charges and preventing reporting of such cases to the media. Convened the meeting on Monday night, in which the decision was taken by a panel of Ordinances to be reviewed.
In the legislation enforced by the Ordinance last month, the courts have also been barred from hearing any complaint against ministers, legislators and government officials without the permission of the government. According to the law, publishing anything against government officials without any permission, the media will also be considered guilty, and journalists can be sentenced to two years imprisonment in this crime. Sources said that this is the part of the law, which is being reviewed. Many have called it ‘gag order’ against the media.
Vasundhara Raje Government presented the Ordinance in the Assembly on Monday in protest against the all-round protest and two petitions filed in the High Court. The BJP’s majority in the House had to pass the legislation after the discussion of the three-day discussion. Now it is possible that this bill be sent to the Select Committee. Not only the social workers and the opposition Congress were involved in criticizing the proposed law, but at least two legislators of the ruling BJP also publicly expressed their unhappiness over the bill. One of them, Ghanshyam Tiwari, compared this bill to the emergency imposed in the year 1975, when the Congress central government had put opposition leaders in jail and all restrictions on the media were implemented.

Congress MLA Released After Custodial

The Congress MLA came to the Assembly on a walking march against the Bill. Everyone had tied a black bar on the face. Congress legislators came out walking through the proceedings of VIS and joined the demonstration under the leadership of the state president Sachin Pilot. The Governor was going to give a memorandum to Kalyan Singh in protest of all the bills, but police stopped them on the way. All including Sachin Pilot, were taken into custody under section 129 but were later abandoned. The special thing is that some dissident BJP MLAs have also been given congressional legislators.

High Court Hearing 27

Meanwhile, the disputed bill has also been challenged in the High Court. A PIL and two other petitions have been filed. In all, the ordinance has been challenged, describing it as unconstitutional. Advocate AK Jain, petitioner of the petitioner, has said that the constitution has been violated from the amendment to the CRPC in the entire Ordinance. The petition will be heard on October 27.

Editor’s Guild Protests

The Editors Guild of India has demanded the Rajasthan government to withdraw the bill. Guild said in a statement that it is a dangerous bill to disturb the media. This is a dangerous tool to disturb the media, which hides the wrong doing of government workers and dramatically stops the independence of the press given by the country’s constitution. It should be withdrawn.

These Provisions Are Due To Dispute

Vasundhara Government has recently issued an Ordinance. It has been amended in the Indian Penal Code, which will be applicable only in Rajasthan.
If someone present or file a complaint in court against the former public servant, judge or magistrate court then examined the order cannot, unless the government should not get approval.
For the acceptance of investigation on libel, the period of 180 days has been fixed. If there is no acceptance in this period, it will be assumed that the government has given its approval.
Unless the government is not approved, a public servant’s name, address, singing could not reveal the identity.
There is a provision for imprisonment for two years after this.
A similar ordinance Maharashtra government has also passed, but that deadline is not just the provision of restraint or punishment to 90 days and published.

Till Now It Was

If any person used to give a libel in court against a public servant, the judge could order an FIR to be lodged and investigate it. The government’s permission was not required. Such cases could also be published in the media.


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