Why woman’s makeup is included in Nath? Get the Reason Now


Lifestyle Desk Hinduism is such a religion in which it is customary to have every auspicious work today, or to have a special occasion or a method of eating. Every woman can have different reasons behind such a nose being worn in the nose, but there are many reasons for the importance of the nose ring in India. Which holds a special significance in our culture Come know the some reason.

There is also the religious importance of wearing a Nath in India. it has been considered as a way to honor Parvati, Goddess of marriage. This is the reason why wearing a Nath is considered very necessary for the married girl even in the Hindu community.

To talk about Ayurveda, then left side is considered ideal for wearing a nath in India in Ayurveda. In Ayurveda it is believed that direct connection of the left side of the nose is done through the reproductive organs of a woman. According to Ayurveda, women who wear a knock ring in the nose in the nose have less pain during delivery and menstrual period.

If you talk about cultural significance, then according to Indian culture and tradition, Nath is seen in association with Suhag and Marriage. Nose Ring, which is an important part of bridal jewelry, is the nose ring. In the Muslim community, the girl is sent with clothes and ornaments to the girl on the side of the boys and the ritual ceremony of the marriage is paid only after wearing Nath.

Financially, in some parts of India, the size of Nath is assessed by the economic prosperity of the house of the woman and the economic level of the family. It is believed that the economic level of the house increases, the size of women’s house also increases.


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