WWE No Mercy 2017 – *5 Big Mistakes On The Show*

WWE Raw’s Exclusive PPV No Mercy was at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The special point of this PPV was that the show began with the ending championship match, and in both of these matches, the champions managed to save their title in some way. Apart from this, all superstars excepting Neville have successfully defended their title.
There is no doubt that this PPV of WWE was very successful and spectacular, but it is not that there are no mistakes on the show, many of the mistakes are seen on the show. In this episode we have brought 5 big mistakes on the WWE No Mercy PPV show.

Braun Bleeding

Braun Strowman landed to become the Universal Champion with 100lb weight. He was confronted with WWE’s most dangerous monster Brock Lesnar. There is no doubt that Stroman’s body is quite bigger than Lesnar.
But during the match there was an opportunity which surprised everyone by us. Instead of Lesnar, Strowman was a victim of physical damage. Blood was coming out of Strowman left cheek, although it is not clear how Strowman got this injury, maybe Strowman himself has blade with his hand.

Ambrose’s Late Reaction

There was a match for Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose vs. sheamus and Cesaro for the Raw Tag Team Championship at No Mercy PPV. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose won the match, but one mistake of Dean Ambrose was imprisoned in the camera.
WWE No Mercy 2017In the middle of the match, Cesaro attacked Superman Swiss Superman on Dean Ambrose, and as soon as he throws Cesaro, Ambrose, it seems as if Ambrose has not done anything, but the next moment he appears to be suffering from pain. He missed the reaction at the right time.

Finn Bálorn Reaction

A singles match was found on this PPV between Finn Bálorn and Bray Wyatt. There is no doubt that this was a spectacular match this night.
It was a moment during a match that everyone was surprised to see that Finn was going to jump over Bray Wyatt from top of the ring, but Bray Wyatt lifted his body on both his legs and hands, seeing what Finn Buller gave a strange reaction.

Dangerous Landing of the Roman Reigns

There was a great match between the Roman Reigns vs John Cena on this PPV. In this match, Roman wins everyone by surprise.
WWE No Mercy 2017
During the match, Roman Reigns tried to throw Cena on the second announcer table from an aneurismal table, but the way the Roman Reigns fell, it seemed that his move did not come right and his landing was not right from which his neck Got stressed.

Cesaro’s Teeth Broken

We have seen that Sheamus and Cesaro give a lot of hard-hitting matches, in which many times they see blood clots. There was a match between Sheamus and Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose for the Raw Tag-Team Championship.
During the match, Ambrose threw Cesaro on a corner of the ring, but in the face of Cesaro, his mouth was fought on the poles supporting the rope, causing the front teeth of his mouth to break and his mouth Blood started coming out.



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