Yogi Will Drop Thunderclap- 1298 Madrasa’s Ready to Lock


1298 Madrasa’s Ready to Lock, 30 Day Ultimatum

Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath Government has made preparations for destruction of Madarsa’s. The Madarsa’s not running according to the government standards are on the target of the Yogi government. All such Madarsa, which are running without governmental recognition, are going to be stopped.
The Yogi government is planning to take action against those Madarsa who are only running on Deeni recognition, while they have no recognition from the government. These are those Madarsa which are running on the basis of the recognition of institutions like Darul Uloom, Nadwatul and Deoband, which the government has not recognized.

30 Day Given Ultimatum

The Yogi Government is screening all these Madarsa. All these Madarsa have got 30 days time in which they will have to complete the process of recognition. If within 30 days these Madarsa do not complete this process then they will be closed while defying them. At present, a total of 1298 Madarsa are being screened.

Madarsa Operators Will Be Sent To Jail

There are 1298 Madarsa in UP who are running criminally, whose Yogi government is screening. In such a situation, the government is also preparing to send the operators of these Madarsa to the prison. Therefore, if these Madarsa do not apply the documents of recognition within 30 days and they do not apply, FIR will be lodged against them by the Minority Welfare Board.

46 Madarsa Have Been Stopped Funding

Yogi Will Drop Thunderclap- 1298 Madrasa’s Ready to Lock
Before this, the Yogi government took action against the Madarsa and stopped the scholarship of Madarsa who did not convene the standards in the state. In Uttar Pradesh, the government grants a total of 560 Madarsa. The inquiry was conducted against all these Madarsa. A combined committee of DM, DIOS and District Minority Welfare Officer was formed for its inquiry.
After this inquiry, for nearly two months, the committee has given its report, in which the buildings of 46 Madarsa have not been found to be correct it is not according to the norms of all the buildings. After the report of the committee, the minority department has stopped the grant amount given to these Madarsa. This lead to the stop of all teachers who taught these Madarsa from April to August.


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